The Institute of Social Communication (ISC), was opened  on 25 March 2003. It is a Catholic Institution committed to the training of socially aware journalists & communication professionals to promote human dignity, Christian values and integral development. ISC is  therefore rooted in Christ's mission and oriented by the teachings of the Catholic Church.

Highly embracing diversity of students, the Insitute of Social Communication enrols students of all religious backgrounds.  Many of the students come from all the religious divide including Christians and Non Christians from both Kenya, Nigeria, Rwanda, Tanzania, Uganda, Southern Sudan,  Ghana, Zambia and Malawi.  Therefore, by studying at ISC, you open yourself to a rich and diverse student culture environment.


Rooted in Christ’s mission and guided by the teachings of the Church, the Institute of Social Communication treasures the relevance of  journalism & communication for Evangelization, Inculturation, and Social Transformation in  Africa and beyond with particular attention to community development, peace building, youth ministry, and to the cultural challenges brought about by rural-urban migration and globalization. In this respect, (ISC) is committed to:

  1. Teaching students about  the cultural, social, and moral challenges caused by the modern means of communication in African societies, both rural and urban.
  2. Training competent professionals in the field of journalism & communication, integrating both theoretical knowledge and practical expertise.
  3. Forming students to become competent communication personnel to serve in national media outlets,  diocesan offices, educational institutions, health care and development projects.
  4. Promoting evangelization and gosped values in the works of peace building, and community development through modern and traditional methods of communication.