He reminded the members present of the good news brought to Mary by angel Gabriel and compared the same to Tangaza proceeding to be a University. The mass was punctuated with fluid dancing from the procession and an entertaining sermon by the bishop. He punctuated the sermon with humorous stories; his “pop corn trouble” story drawing the hugest laughter from the audience.

 The sermon was quickly followed by a procession of designated institute representatives who walked to the altar and handed the bishops the symbols that represent each institute.
 After the mass was officially over, the Emcee lit up the audience with the introduction of Kayamba Africa. The legendary band forced the audience out of their seats as they sang and danced to their nostalgic hit songs.

Edel Churu, the Deputy Principal of Academics, came on after the group for the awards ceremony where various students were awarded for their outstanding achievements in the past academic year.

The students awarded were the top three students of every institute in terms of cumulative grades, the most active students in school activities, students who took part in the “I Walk To Educate” campaign and the alumni of the school whose outstanding contributions upon leaving the college have helped stamp Tangaza University college as one of the best academic institutions in the whole country.

A brief intermission took place where the Tangaza band were allowed to entertain the audience with a smooth rendition of afro-fusion music, then the St. Cecilia’s choir closed with an original record from their debut album.

"Go round Mugumo seven times, you will change to the opposite sex"

 A Mugumo tree was also planted. The tree is symbolic to both the catholic Church as well as the African communities. "Spiritually, the tree is of great meaning to the church- I was told if you go round it seven times you will change to the opposite sex" joked Fr Steve Payne "The Mugumo tree will be a reminder of the promises and pledges made by the College as we transit to be a University" adds Dr Lujuo.