A brief History of the Origin of ISC



In the early 1990’s Fr. Gerald MCarthy, SVD was the one who pioneerd the introduction of communication courses in Tangaza Theology Program. Later on, in order to systemize the program, Sr. Patricia Kane was invited to become the Head of the Communications Department, s post she held between 1997-2000. At this time, Communication courses were taught to theology students as elective courses. The program was integrated with the homiletics which prepared theologians for the task of preaching. There was no real faculty for Communications, but Gerald MCarthy, SVD, Bro. Shane Keller, (Carmelite) and Fr. Kizito, Mccj taught most the courses.

There was no actual academic Communication program but theology students who were interested in acquiring communication skills would be taught introduction to journalism, video views I & II, basic radio production skills and desktop publishing course. Fr. Kizito from Comboni taught introduction to journalism, Fr. Gerald taught desktop publishing, Sr. Patrcia with the help of Br. Shane Keller taught video views I & II. In 1998, Sr. Paola Moggi, CMS joined the department and taught radio programming. When Sr. Patricia returned to US in 2000, Sr. Paola remained the Head of Communication Department with its existence under the umbrella of theology.

Gradually, as things continued to develop, in 2001 Communications Department opened doors to lay students who were interested in studying journalism. At that time, since communications program depended heavily on the theology program, the lay students enrolled as part time certificate or diploma students. It has only been since March 2003 that the ISC with the effort of Sr. Paola Moggi, the first Director of the Institute, took its currents formal state enrolling first time BA students. The first BA students graduated from the program in October of 2006.