Our Mission



Rooted in Christ’s mission and guided by the teachings of the Catholic Church, the Institute of Social Communication (ISC) treasures the relevance of communication for Evangelization, Inculturation, and Social Transformation in Africa and beyond with particular attention to community development, peace building, youth ministry, and cultural challenges about by rural-urban migration and globalization.


  • To teach students about the cultural, social, and moral challenges caused by the modern means of communication in African rural and urban societies.
  • To train professionals in the field of social communication, integrating theoretical knowledge and practical expertise.
  • To form students to become competent communication per-sonnel to serve in diocesan offices, educational institutions, health care and development projects.
  • To promote evangelization and gospel values in the works of peace building and community development through modern and traditional methods of communication.


  • The personal and holistic development of the students
  • Preferential option for the poor
  • Integrity
  • Justice and peace
  • Respect for human dignity and sanctity of human life
  • Freedom and responsibility

The interdisciplinary approach adopted by ISC ensures that various disciplines, while offering different perspectives on communication, contribute to a progressive understanding of the complexity of the field of communication & journalism, its organizational structure, as well as so-cial and cultural implications.

Overall, the Institute of Social Communication inspires to train professionals who understand the new media culture and its impact on the African societies and the world at large.