About ISC



Welcome to the Institute of Social Communication (ISC), Tangaza University College! We are pleased with all students who have come to our Institute and we thank you for making ISC-Tangaza your school of choice in communication and media studies.

Today’s media is no longer targeting the mass out there but rather specific individuals within the society. This somehow explains  why today we hear more about  social media than mass media. Some of you are wondering why we call ourselves  “Institute of Social Communication” instead of “Institute of Mass Communication?” The reason is that from its inception the focus of ISC has been to train competent communication and media practitioners who are ready to use their skills acquired for the positive transformation of the society.

The beginnings of (ISC), Institute of Social Communication was when Tangaza University College School of Theology used to run an academic programme in communication to provide media training to theology students so that they would become effective communicators of the Gospel. In 1996, the Department of Social Communication was born and began accepting non-theology students. Eventually, with the introduction of more media and communication courses and the increase of student number, the Institute of Social Communication was established in 2003.

As a prophetic initiative within the ministerial and educational curriculum of Tangaza University College, today ISC promotes integral development by preparing students to become communication professionals and media agents who are aware of their social responsibilities and moral obligations, while at the same time equipped with competent technical know-how and excellent skills.

Up to date, the Institute of Social Communication inspires to train professionals who understand the new media culture and its impact on the African societies and the world at large.

Despite the relative youthful age of our institute, ISC is proud of having molded individuals who are now working for some of the major media houses, organizations and communities in the country.

We take pleasure in our former students who are engaged actively in shaping our society through the use of media and communication technologies. Ours is a premier learning institution that places paramount importance on knowledge, skills, and gospel-based values.

ISC students, are expected to live up to the standard of Tangaza University College and to meet the demands of studies. ISC students are also required to conduct themselves in a mature and responsible manner, befitting someone who believes in truth and stands for what is good and proper.

For ISC students, self-discipline and unyielding motivation are essential tools in overcoming difficulties and to triumph over challenges.