The touch of a life! ISC students at the Home for the orphans Rescue Center (HOREC) in Machakos County

The touch of a life!  ISC students at the Home for the orphans Rescue Center (HOREC) in Machakos County

horecNairobi,  Tangaza University, Saturday 17th September 2016, Tangaza University College Institute of Social Communication (ISC) students and  academic staff visited the Hope for Orphans Rescue and Education Centre (HOREC) situated in Kamulu, Machakos county.

gamesThe group of over 40 students arrived at HOREC Homecare at around 11:00 am with the warm welcome from the children and the staff. Everybody was excited to meet the students. With warm hugs and inviting handshakes the children welcomed the group establishing initial friendships through their personal introductions. Gradually, students from Tangaza were ushered in the building where they freely mingled with both the children and the staff.

The staff were very hospitable and the children displayed all their talents and knowledge reciting different and favourite memory verses from the bible.  They performed elaborate pieces of well-choreographed dances as well as very athletic acrobatics. Indeed, they were a true embodiment of an all-rounder through their lively songs and entertaining dances.

withkidsA range of activities had been lined up for the day and the students had brought their donations, their love and friendship to exchange with the orphans.  The love and friendship from ISC students to the children was shown by the bountiful gifts including   clothes, shoes and the food supplies that they shared.    At the end the students made the children happy by reverting to their own childhood in all energetic sports and dances. Every student socialized with a child in the friendly atmosphere.  They shared lunch and played different games together bringing a lot of warmth and inner joy to the children.   There were various sports activities such as rock climbing, tag of war, football session and swinging.  Cheering and laughter rendered the air.  Fun was a major component of the day.

The children themselves took the students to tour their facilities.  They each took students who they bonded with round the facilities where they sleep, learn and eat.   The Centre is self-sustained through their greenhouse farming and livestock keeping.

mapuorHOREC is a rescue Centre that is dedicated to bringing up children affected by the HIV epidemic.  The Center provides a stable home environment and education to the children.   It was started in 2008.  The Founder Ms Christine Wambui Munyi introduced herself restraining the students from applauding her work. This was a sign of true humility. As a founder and the mother of this rescue centre, she spoke to the students describing the home and its operations.  She spoke lovingly until her message of service was felt by all the students. Her rescue home is today a family for many orphans.

studentscareAt ISC, social outreach is designed in line with the social transformation mission and vision of the Institute. This outside of classroom experience exposes students to realities outside of books.  The HOREC outreach was geared towards enabling students establish long term friendships and mentorship of the children.   The Bidding of the farewell to the students was an emotional and tear jerking affair for the children as they did not want to let go of their newfound friends.  The students were also sad on their faces as they tried to call down the little ones who were in tears.  

 The visit ended with prayer, donations from the ISC fraternity and a photo session.  It has helped students to become aware of the magnitude of HIV epidemic on many children in the world who are orphans.  

HOREC invites all well-wishers interested in contributing to the life hood of the children either emotionally through mentorship and materially.   Appreciation to all ISC students who turned up for this eventful social outreach and to the organizers at HOREC.  Always remember Kathy Calvin’s words that “Giving is not just about making a donation, it’s about making a difference.”

HOREC Contact information:
P.O BOX 475-00520 Ruai, Nairobi, Kenya
Tel 0722-166-108 or 0735-066-093

Photos of students and the kids during the visit.

List of  ISC Student participants :

Immaculate Tusingwire
Fr Oreste Murimi
Fr Lounoi Santino
Brenda Lare
David Kimanthi
Barbara Maina
Peter Mapour
Loise Kimani
Christabel Aketch
Esther Kimotho
Sharon Misoi
Violet Achieng
Julie Mbiso
Julie Ndwiga
Neville Ratemo
Sr.  Jecinta Akoth
Fidel Odhiambo
Adelide Khavugwi
Gracia Hurba
Esther Kalei
Mitchell Cheruto
Janet Hinga
Nakandi Mkare
Natasha Omolo
Peter Mungai
Magdalene  Kahiu Wambui
Jemimah Nafula
Diana Njeri
Syprian Ochoge
Elijah kaaka
Julia Mbiso
Sr. Gladys Mititi

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