Making the High School Journalist in a Workshop

Making the High School Journalist in a Workshop

iscphotographyNairobi,  Tangaza University, Saturday March 12th 2016:  Over 100 high school students from Githiga Boys High School, Crescent Secondary and Aquinas High School flocked  Tangaza University College at different intervals with a lot of excitement drawn from their anticipation of the journalism workshop organized by the Institute of Social Communication as part of outreach program.


The workshop began with Fr. Narciso Celian: ‘We welcome you all at Tangaza and we hope that you will all learn and find something useful out of this workshop and use the skills obtained giving it practical implications in journalism. We also hope that this workshop will facilitate interactions among students and other facilitators of institutions as well as inspire you to join us in future.’  (Director of Institute of Social Communication).

Afterwards the students were dispersed in various training sessions including how to Reporting and Edit News, Public speaking and Photography.

‘If a picture paints a thousand words, then why can’t I paint you?’  Fr Narciso Cellan facilitated the photography session.  There was silence in the room as students followed to understand the technical nature of photojournalism. Students were so excited to learn that they can use social media to promote their professional pictures. The session involved  hands on experience on the handling of cameras. 

Susan Kung’u, the print media lecture  taught students about  basic principles of news editing with emphasis on how to capture captivating stories through writing and how to keep the audiences engaged.  Students were taught basic principles of  Who, What, Where, When, Why, How and the inverted pyramid style of writing of a news story. They learned editing principles for making a school magazine involving page layout, editing of errors and observation of the tripartite forces.

Fr Don Bosco Onyalla, taught students how to make a public speech. The session made some of the students recognize  that public speaking is not about the act itself but the skills that accompany it. The mood of the audience,  the use of non-verbal cues, knowing your audience and how to capture their attention and maintain it.

Ms. Beatrice Magu taught the  principles of ethics required in journalism.  Aftewards  Mr. Joseph Mwongi, the  Academic Advisor, thanked all teachers, students and  the facilitators. Roselyn Butt, the second year student gave the closing speech. “…the world is hopeful of your ability to change the future. Be what you want to be…” She finished with a melodious gospel song.

It was  indeed a lively session with practical demonstrations of skills of both how to be  a good photographer, an eloquent and engaging public speaker.

Some of the aftermath comments…

“It is was a great opportunity because my aspiration to become a news reporter journalist is spurned by how the profession disseminates information to the public.” Antony Sanare,  Githiga Boys High School.

“I am interested in photography, and i feel this is a step that will help me realize my ambition. Mercy Wanjiru, Crescent Girls Secondary School.

“I enjoyed learning how to use the camera, principles of photography and qualities of a good photo.” Wahome, Aquinas High School

“This workshop has enabled us acquire skills that will help us develop journalism club in our school.” Abigael Muli and Christine Juma, teachers

” I have learned a lot from this workshop.\”  Benson Kanyatta, Aquinas High School

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