Student’s Social Out-Reach Saturday

Student’s Social Out-Reach Saturday

Nairobi, October, Saturday 3rd 2015:  Institute of Social Communication students visited the Nyumba ya Wazee at the Little Sisters of the Poor and the Missionaries of charity home for the youth in Kasarani to provide good deeds voluntary services.


In line with the Institute’s  objective of  promoting evangelization and Gospel values in the works of peace building and community development through modern and traditional methods of communication, 23 students divided themselves up into  two groups and cleaned up the compounds, rooms, prepared food in the kitchen, fed the old  and the children. Some washed dishes, others ironed bed sheets and clothes. 

Nyumba Ya Wazee is a home for the old without paternal families and relatives. It accommodates both men and women above 65 years of age from all over Kenya.  The Little Sisters of the Poor normally depend on donations from well-wishers for their daily running of the home.  Most of the elderly remain there until death sometimes others are taken back to their families after tracing their paternal home and relatives willing to have them back.
The Missionaries of Charity Sisters manage adopted abandoned and mentally hand capped boys. They also depend on donations from well-wishers. 
The outreach experience has positively help to challenge ISC student’s perception of life outside of the ordinary classroom. 

Many thanks to the following student participants:

1.    Brenda Lare,  (Second Year)
2.    Magdalene Njoki,   (First Year)
3.    Angela Munene, (Second Year)
4.    Vitus Abobo, (Second Year)
5.    Christine Aondo, (First Year)
6.    Teresia Aondo ,  (First Year)
7.    Immaculate Tusingwire , (Second Year)
8.    Roselyn Butt, (First Year)
9.    Sr. Gladys Mititi , (Second Year)
10.    Jecinter Okoth, , (First Year)
11.    Timothy Ojore,  (Second Year)
12.    Adolifine Kaliki , (Third Year)
13.    Barbara Maina,  (Second Year)
14.    Esther Nyawira,  (Third Year)
15.    Veronica Wanjiru, (Third Year)
16.    Damaris Ateyo, (Third Year)
17.    Annette Wangeci, (Third Year)
18.    Oreste Murimi, (Second Year)
19.    Annciatar Ndumi, (Third Year)
20.    Marylene Ngari, (Third Year)
21.    Fidel Odhiambo¸ (First Year)
22.    Evans Havana, (First Year)
23.    Justus Mariita, (Third Year)

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