Woman of the Day on Tangaza Social Day

Woman of the Day on Tangaza Social Day

Nairobi,  Tangaza Univesity, April 10th 2015 : Butt Roselyn Atieno, first year ISC student, was given the title; “Women of the Day.”

It happened in a two in one event: First, it is the day when a young woman and young man is chosen as Miss and Mr Tangaza respectively, and second; it was a belated celebration of the International Women’s Day.
Roselyn rendered a heartwarming song which she had composed when she was in Form Two. “No need to Worry”, sung Roselyn. She was inspired to compose the song when she was in difficult

moments and she wanted to remind everyone present not to worry despite life’s challenges because there is always someone out there ready help.
Everyone was touched and offered her almost 10,000 Kenyan and Tanzanian Shillings as a thank you for her courage and bravery in spite of being confined on a wheelchair. Indeed, disability is never inability says an adage.

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