ISC student Michelle Mbaire crowned the new Miss Tangaza

ISC student Michelle Mbaire crowned the new Miss Tangaza

Nairobi – Kenya, April 11, 2015: Her vast experience in the modeling industry helped her outwit other contestants.

“I love runway modeling, it’s my passion! I will use to impact the society.” Michelle said after receiving the pinnacle. Ululation and screams filled the hall when the judges finally announced her as the winner.


The highly contested gala award attracted 12 contestants among them two ISC members (Michelle and Cyprian Ochoge). In the female category, the competition was very stiff with every contestant being a possible winner. The fight was between two the ISC duos and Ruth from ISMM.

The six showed very high level of competition. The classic cloth designs showed last year lack thou. Nearly every contestant, the East Africa, highlighted the cultural prestige of Tangaza, West Africa was equally represented with the Nigerian dressing taking the day.  
The contestants paraded before the jury first while the crowd cheered. All the contestants took part in a six round presentation. They cat-walked on the runway each displaying different outfit and demonstrated their talents.

In the male category, Yosef Abdisa Bekele from the School of Theology outwitted Jaketch who was seen as the potential winner. He presented an Ethiopian dance, which earned him the audience support. Jaketch often called the King of Luo in Tangaza missed the chance for the second chance after narrowly losing the Mr Culture to Peter Mapur.

Hundreds of students from Tangaza and the surrounding education institution attended the coveted gala night organized by the students union. The ISC fraternity attended in high numbers (even some of the alumnis) which showed solidarity to the contestants.
The MCs-Amaka Okoye and Biko ensured the crowd was taken care off. The two made a very good combination.

Finally, the judges had to make a decision! The crowd kept guessing- but it was clear whom the expected winner was. Michelle and Bekele were finally crowned; it was both joy and sadness to some. But the day was over, the two will be ambassadors of Tangaza University College.

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