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Communication & Media studies: (Radio & TV Journalism, Print & Online Journalism)


Why study at ISC?

ISC production courses integrate theory and practice to provide students with professional competencies required in today’s media industry. Practical  courses  expose students to different media fields and promote competent expertise in content production for different modern media. All students studying at ISC must  familiarize themselves with different communication technologies and techniques.


TV Journalism

ISC has excellent HD and DSLR cameras, a tv studio is fully equipped with modern lighting, mixers, a wide range of professional microphones, and adequate video editing facilities. The out of the classroom tutorials are designed to help students learn the techniques for camera operations. It is this quality of hands-on training at ISC that make ISC graduates different from others.


Radio Journalism

Up-to-date so Easy Radio studio, the so called ‘hybrid’ solution is what at ISC uses to train modern radio journalists. Our new Easy Radio studio incorporates the very best of analog and digital technology, and incorporates carefully selected components, based on a combination of value, features, fitness for purpose, ease of use and reliability.


Unleash your potential

Welcome to the Institute of Social Communication (ISC), Tangaza University College! Choosing to come and study at ISC means you’ll study with educators who are experts in their fields.

We take pleasure in you

We are pleased to have you with us, kindly allow us to thank you for making ISC-Tangaza your school of choice in communication & and media studies. Already our institute has molded individuals who are now working for some of the major media houses, organizations and communities in the country!

Our undergraduate courses

ISC communication and media production courses are designed to expose students to different media fields and to promote competent expertise in content production for different modern media. students familiarize themselves with different communication technologies and techniques.


Campus Hours

Utilize our renown library resources and helpful staff from 6am – 10pm. The Campus student lab is open 24 hours 7 days a week. And the Campus will we holding rallies for upcoming sports events Fridays at noon.

Parking Stucture

Don’t forget to pick up your parking pass at the student services office this week. You’ll need to bring your payment in full along with your student id card. This parking pass will provide you with unlimited parking in the parking lot and structure for the entire fall semester.

Student Housing

Student housing is now available. Click here for more information and to book your place now. Spaces are limited so get your information into student services to make sure that you get the spot you want.


Upcoming Diploma Courses

  • Diploma in Media Productions
  • Diploma in Studio Designs & Management
  • Diploma in Communication
  • Diploma in Creative Graphics Design
  • Diploma in Web Creation & Design
  • Diploma in Graphics & Animation
  • Diploma in Video Animation
  • Diploma in 3D Animation

Available Now

  • Diploma in Social Communication
  • Certificate in Media Productions


ISC Studios

ISC has excellent tv & radio studios that are fully equipped with modern radio and tv mixers, LCD screens, lighting & microphones. Learning is not only restricted in class but at ISC, students get adequate hands-on skills through tutorials designed to cater for students practical training. Students interact one to one with very competent tutors outside classroom hours. We limit our student numbers to give every student opportunity to interact with our equipment.

ISC Facilities

ISC is committed to excellence by providing students with all modern facilities and courses necessary for the completion of their studies. This is because the aim of our program is to equip all students with whatever skills they need in order to become effective, relevant, and responsible media agents.


Campus Clubs

Tangaza College encourages students to get together in clubs and associations to promote their interests, service of society and personal growth. All clubs are directed by Student Leaders under the supervision of the DPSL. Although the clubs function independently, they are to inform the Student Leaders of their programs and activities.

A student is welcome in any of the different clubs at Tangaza College. Such participation offers the possibility to the student of fostering his/her own talents in various fields,thus enhancing the life of the College.

Available Clubs & Associations

  • Justice and Peace Commission
  • College Choir
  • The Charismatic Community
  • The Pro-Life Club
  • The French club
  • Tangaza musicians Band
  • The Environmental Club